RWFanfest. We did it! Happy Birthday Rob.

RWFanfest 2014

Okay folks. . . here’s my side of RWFanfest

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not like the most subtle of people, so for me to want to write something about how I feel is pretty new to me. Anyway, here’s a little bit about why I wanted to play for the fans at RWFanfest:

This came from a little idea from a couple of different sources back last October, and my, did it grow; more than I think anyone could begin to comprehend.

So, we threw a few ideas out there and the feedback was very promising. It was decided on a date and a venue and the wheels were set in motion.

Being a part of this amazing event has been an absolute pleasure as I have had many a long and sometimes cold time queuing with fans from all over the world and getting to know some a little more than others, but I have to say all are amazing and so passionate about their idol. It’s actually an honour to know them.

I have had the pleasure, like a few privileged others, to actually have conversations with the man himself, and let me tell you it’s a little strange talking with someone you tribute to ( if that makes sense lol ). I very quickly realised how amazingly down to earth he really is and am grateful at how supportive he has been when I have spoken with him. I would arrive home after a gig sometimes and he would ask how it went. It really was a surreal experience.

Also, For him to remember where I was going to be sitting at soccer aid – through all of the planning etc – and then actually come across and introduce himself to me and give me a hug, was awesome. Then as he turned to walk away he glanced back and realised I was standing with my wife and came back to say hello to her. It speaks volumes about what kind of person he is because he really didn’t have to do either of those things.

I wanted to play at RWFanfest to, kind of, say thank you to Rob for the support and to all of the ‘friendlies’ who have also supported me over the years. It may sound a little cheesy, but I can assure you, I gain nothing by saying it. It’s just something I feel I wanted to say. I would like to thank each and every one of you personally, but I’m afraid I’d leave someone out because my memory is pretty crap lol.

Being part of such a great event has truly been amazing, and I’ve probably had the most fun this weekend than I have in a long time. Being there and able to share it with the rest of you just made it so worthwhile. Also, to play to you die-hards is, well. . . let’s just say, a little intimidating because I’m impersonating your idol whom you all know everything about. Who better to judge you, aye? Lol. But truthfully, you made my job easy because you were all so amazing. I have played to crowds of 20,000 at times but let me tell you all right here, right now. . . you are the best audience I’ve ever played to. I also want to say it was just a little sad to have to say goodbye to all you lovely people on Sunday.

On another note, to spend time with Mr Pete Conway, and to perform alongside him, is also a very special moment that I will remember always. I had so much fun singing That’s Life with him, especially at his little prompts before it was my turn to sing which really made me chuckle. . .


People asked me was I nervous about playing in front of Robbie’s dad and you know what? I honestly wasn’t. Not because I’m a big-head or anything, but because Pete is the kind of guy who makes you feel at ease. Much the same as when I met Robbie.

There was so much excitement leading up to this event, from everyone I saw posting about it on the internet etc, and I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it. Especially as the organizers and volunteers have worked so hard on it, making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible throughout, not just the weekend, but the days leading up to it as well. To everyone who donated their time and services, you all deserve a medal or, at least, a MASSIVE thank you, and also to all who attended the RWFanfest and dug deep into their pockets, because without you all it wouldn’t have been what it was. Robbie wouldn’t have had his very first Fan Festival to celebrate his birthday and honour his achievements, and there wouldn’t have been over £10,000 raised for the Donna Louise Hospice.


Anyway, I could go on and on because there’s so much to say, but I think I’ve rambled on for long enough.

So, I leave you with a massive highlight for me from the weekend:

Besides singing with Pete. . .

My number one highlight was walking into the lounge bar back at the hotel, where a lot of us stayed, after the birthday bash on Saturday night to hear you all cheer when I walked in!


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  • Mizzie Moo

    Awww lovely blog 🙂 was great to see you perform and with Pete too … Fab!! Also loved when Linsey joined in for Kids, got some great pics of the two of you. Great weekend had by all, a huge success me thinks. Look forward to seeing you all again in the summer. Mwaaaahs xXx

    • mikeasrobbie

      thanx mizzie x

  • Maureen Gold

    Awww that was lovely Mike, straight from the heart, love ye tae bits ya big fooker, you were brilliant and have had the best weekend ever with the best fans in the world xxxx Friendlies rock!

    • mikeasrobbie

      lol..thanx bobrie 😉

  • Julie Brunt

    Awwwwww, Mike,that is such a wonderful blog, I’m actually sat here crying. You were awesome Saturday on that stage and did yourself and Rob proud, luv ya fooker and can’t wait to see you and Linsey again.xx

    • mikeasrobbie

      no words 🙁

  • Thanks for a very lovely reading Mike! I wish I had been there too to hear you sing and to meet all the other wonderful ppl that also I have had the pleasure to meet in here and on Funpoker. Both you and Lins are very nice ppl and I am so happy to call you my friends (and your fan). I say WOW! What a good job everybody must have done who raised £10,000 for the Donna Louise Hospice. !!!
    I really hope that I can meet you and Lins one day and also to hear you sing live. That would be AWESOME!

    • mikeasrobbie

      Thanks. Would be great to meet you Mia x

  • Regine Fournier

    Awww Mike I feel so moved right now reading your blog, and I can understand all what you say, isn’t it a miracle ? Well stop kidding, you were absolutely fabulous, I know I already said that but I have to say again and again. From the 1st time I met you, then when I’ve gone to Prestatyn to see you in concert I known you was great. As I told to Lins last saturday, I’m really proud to know you. That’s all but told with heart xxx

    • mikeasrobbie

      regine i know you cannot understand me half the time but i think you know that i always have time for a chat and a smile with you

  • Chontelle Greaves

    What can I say it was an amazing weekend filled with laughter and fantastic people for a fantastic cause. What an absolute belter of a show you and you lovely Lynsey put on a couple of stars who literally couldn’t be any more genuine ,loved spending the time with you all. X x x

    • mikeasrobbie


  • Julie Sutcliffe

    Awwww Mike ya big softie!! We were all so proud of you on Saturday night and I think we knew instinctively that you would be a little nervous about performing for the ‘die hards’ and we wanted to make sure you felt our love and appreciation from the start. You didn’t disappoint and to see you perform with Pete was a once in a lifetime experience. Linsey as always had your back and was fab singing Kids with you. You so deserved the cheer you got back at the hotel. Anyone out there wanting someone to perform at ‘a do’ – if you don’t have Mike as Robbie, you’ll being making a huge mistake! xxx

    • mikeasrobbie

      thank you so much x

  • mikeasrobbie

    Not on here Julie but keep an eye on my facebook page 🙂

  • mikeasrobbie

    and ummmmmm heres the craziest thing…even wales losing to ireland in rugby and my football team cardiff city losing to swansea city couldnt even begin to bring me down on sturday night…. was trying to avoid the score cos i was recording it and then i used my fone while soundchecking and there was a bladdy notification on the screen with the score on it lol


    you were stunning as always, like i said, you’re like a bottle of wine, you become better and better with the time !

    I’m so proud to have been there, to see your performance, and Lindsay was stunning too ! as always !

    This weekend is one of the best of my life ! I forgot all the worries we had during the journey when we arrived in Stoke, seeing all our friends again and live this amazing weekend will stay printed on my heart for the rest of my life.


    • mikeasrobbie